Success Camp for Testing

Success Camp for Testing

Improve your Test Scores


Gallup™ has discovered the key to an exponential increase in test scores – student engagement! We will increase your students’ engagement level with each other and with their school, which will positively impact test scores.

Success Camp for Testing is a 90-minute activity-based workshop. It is designed to help your students define their personal success and learn to overcome adversity. Don’t let the stress of test taking overwhelm you or your students.  Let Success Camp for testing ease your burdens and raise your scores! 

The Lesson plan

  • Leadership Academy – (90 mins)
    • Prior to Success Camp for Testing, we will take a select group of your most influential students and teach them leadership and teamwork while growing in confidence.
  • Success Camp for Testing – (90 mins) 
    • Through a series of high-energy team building activities, we will maximize your student body’s potential.

Give our Gallup™ Certified Staff a call today for additional program details and to see how we can help you improve your student test scores.

Success Camp for Testing Take-aways

This camp will:

  • Increased student engagement
  • Develop a culture that celebrates success
  • Produce higher test scores