mission purpose vision

Our Mission

Team Concepts will positively change the world by empowering people to LIVE.

Be engaged. Be valued. Be fulfilled.

Team Concepts partners with organizations and individuals to provide team building, leadership training, public speaking, and success coaching in a very fun, evoking and empowering way. We design, craft, and innovate engaging team building activities and transformational training that activate people into pivotal moments, setting them on the path of success.

The inspiration behind everything we do.

Fully Engaged – We preach engagement.  Engagement is the single greatest predictor of success regardless of the size, demographics, or mission of any team.  When you have members giving all their discretionary effort (time, energy, and resources) for the advancement of the team, you have a powerful recipe for unlimited success.  Developing organizational cultures that rally team members into a state of active engagement is what we do.

Fun with a Purpose – We’re serious about fun.  We don’t do anything unless it’s fun!  Why should fun be important to you?  We’ve all been to team building or training that were disorganized, forced, or maybe even boring – we get it, we’ve experienced several ourselves. We are intentional about designing programs that fit your team’s specific needs and are actually engaging and enjoyable.  Try not being engaged when you’re having fun – you can’t. We create pivotal, memorable, meaningful experiences for our clients that drive real change.

Responsibility of Choice, Self, and Team – Leadership is a daily decision.  We define leaders as people who know where their teams need to go and make conscious decisions to get them there.  Great leaders are people who are self-aware and use their personal strengths to further their teams.  At Team Concepts, we empower people to embrace their individual unique strengths that position them to succeed personally and professionally.   When everyone leads, everyone wins!