Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy

Developing Athletic Leaders that Win!

Leadership Academy

Culture originates from team leaders and is diffused throughout the team.  Our Leadership Academy equips your athletic leaders to develop a culture that promotes character, intensity, and success! Leadership Academy is an essential part of establishing and managing a progressive student-athlete experience.

The Gameplan

Leadership Academy is a three-part series focused on:

  • Managing the Engagement Cycle
    • We teach your athlete leaders how to first manage their own engagement rather than being controlled by their behavior. The next step is teaching them how to use specific encouragement to improve their teammate’s engagement levels.
  • 3 Ways Athletes Lead
    • Every individual on a team has the potential to be a leader.  In this session, we first define what true leadership looks like and then enable your athletes to understand how they lead so they can effectively lead others.
  • 4 Factors of Team Success
    • We finally take an in-depth look at your athletes’ character, effort, and motivation.  We explore what it takes for your team to find victory and what the single most motivating factor really is.

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Academy Take-aways

Athletes will:

» manage their own engagement as well as their teammates!

» embrace their personal leadership style with confidence!

» develop a personal accountability system for academic, personal and athletic growth!